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June 27th, 2021

We’re building better money.
We’re not asking for permission.
We will not be stopped by trolls or threats.

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@KimDotcom @0xpraetorian meaningless drivel
meaningless drivel
if you choose, sure
show us said patents
it’s a…wN

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Insanity is basically a prerequisite to be an extremely early Bitcoin adopter.

On the other hand, sanity is relative.

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@brucefenton Ah yes, you’re a non-person if you don’t have a GPG identity on the web of trust, right?

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pete_rizzo_ RIP Mircea Popescu (1980 – 2021)

Called “The Father of Bitcoin Toxicity” by some, Mircea will endure as one…0plg

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@astrojoe001 IIRC his twitter account was suspended many years ago for a threat he made against Andreas Antonopolous

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You don’t know jack about toxic Bitcoin maximalism if you don’t know the tale of Mircea Popescu.…

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