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June 21st, 2021

CasaHODL 🛡Think you know the best way to protect your bitcoin from thieves?🛡

Join our Twitter Space tomorrow @ 2:30pm PST!…pt

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Remember that time the bitcoin exchange rate crashed (to $800) because China banned it?…

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You can’t ban Bitcoin, you can only ban yourself from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will benefit the countries that offer the…R1

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@PeterMcCormack My death threats went down substantially when I made folks pay to message me!

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“Fear makes a good business partner.”

- 25th Ferengi Rule of Acquisition

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If you’re bearish on freedom then you have my sympathy; it must be depressing to be pessimistic.

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If China’s Bitcoin bans were actually effective then they wouldn’t have to keep loudly reiterating them.

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“China’s mining dominance is unlikely to last; I expect that this theoretical attack will become less and less…PE

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SeverinAlexB Major graph update 🗺️
- 8 new filters
- Complete UI overhaul, fullscreen
- Tons of mobile📱and performance🚴‍♀️…pi

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The Chinese central bank FUD will continue until everyone learns this lesson.…

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