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August 1st, 2022

This has to be the least convincing death threat delivery I’ve ever seen.…

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how brainwashed BSV believers see Craig Wright


how the rest of the world sees Craig Wright

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@pleblira @denverbitcoin @PeterMcCormack Ridiculous requirements of a broken legal system.

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@DanDarkPill you chose an auspicious day indeed to return

welcome back!

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@NeerajKA My fav aspect of all the customer complaints is that they believed Celsius was safe because it was regulated by New York.

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@Streaming_Sats @kurtwuckertjr @CalvinAyre Because proving a negative is practically impossible. Craig counts on th…

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LearnMoreWithC4 Our CCSS auditor exam is now available! Join our CCSS committee members LIVE this Thursday at 18:00 UTC with…R1

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@dAnconiaMining I probably saw it but it got lost in the noise of everything else he has plagiarized.

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I’ll never refer to Craig Wright as “Dr.” because he spent many years falsely claiming to have earned a PhD and…1I

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RT @Bitwage: We’re excited to announce a new partnership with @CasaHODL and @EdgeWallet.


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@kurtwuckertjr @CalvinAyre This is a case of Craig spending so many decades deceiving people that he’s unable to st…

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@kurtwuckertjr @CalvinAyre Nah, it’s not curious at all if you know how to read. The court found that Craig tried t…

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Apparently I triggered some sort of “copium bot” swarm…

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@denverbitcoin @PeterMcCormack Technically Peter lost the lawsuit to the sum of £1. But he certainly won from the s…

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Yet another court has come to the conclusion that Craig Wright is a liar.

This is your regular reminder that…Al

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Happy UASF day!
Half a decade has passed.
BCH now trades at 0.59% of the real Bitcoin.…

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