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August 10th, 2022

@brent_alvord @balajis Can’t force anyone to run code if they object to it.

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@lightcoin @TheBlueMatt @ajtowns @bryan21896 @nvk Interesting; I wonder if the pruning was improved since my last r…

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@raknak Isn’t this only a problem if you want to get money back from them?

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If a POTUS gets sentenced to prison, does their Secret Service detail continue to protect them in prison?

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@TheBlueMatt @ajtowns @bryan21896 @nvk You’re going to get skepticism without more specifics because folks are havi…

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The people of God offer thoughts and prayers.

The people of the State say “there oughta be a law!”

The people…e6

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Reminder that the IRS still processes paper returns by hand and hasn’t figured out how to implement 30 year old…cf

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lopp Privacy is a prerequisite for liberty.

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