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August 23rd, 2022

Generated each in < 10 iterations (minutes) via Midjourney

However, specific details are hard. Try as I might, I…VJ

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@Pe1per I have better luck when I say “bitcoin symbol” rather than “bitcoin logo”

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The ability to bring complex imagery into existence in a matter of minutes is an impressive leap forward, but I’m…uI

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lopp Twitter privacy tip: when you copy a tweet to share it outside of Twitter, a unique tracking ID may be appended…AH

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@MalwareTechBlog Given the public attention you’ve endured in the past, I expect it would be a cakewalk for you.

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@CryptoAStick a little bit, though it doesn’t seem quite as adept at handling more complex prompts

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A $10 / month subscription to an AI image generator provides far greater value than a $100 / month subscription to a stock photo site.

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@alphaN1 Just add —beta to the end of your prompt

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Amazing to see the rapid advance in image generation engines. I prompted MidjourneyAI for “Cthulhu” on the left…81

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No good can come from revealing your bitcoin balance to friends or family.

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