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August 14th, 2022

Lessons learned from spending 3 years writing and maintaining blockchain indexing services.…

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@thebitcoinrabbi Probably only a matter of time, but it will be a never-ending war until HTTP 402 support goes mainstream.

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@jeetsidhu_ I feel like I’ve been repeating myself for 8 years. I have no intention of stopping.

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@InPHARMaticist @suhailsaqan Yes, one of the first dedicated hardware nodes I ran in ~2014 used a microsd as the…Nw

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lopp Hospital bill for delivering a baby + 1 week recuperation in 1956.

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When you see someone conflating criminality with immorality, that’s when you can be sure they’re a bootlicking statist.

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Bitcoin did not appear out of thin air overnight. A rich history of efforts (and failures) by cypherpunks helped…qS

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@danheld First we have to make war… war again. We don’t even declare war any more because going through…KN

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@twobitidiot If I might be so bold…

it’s actually quite easy to create a bank account and set the address to be…

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When I publish a 5,000+ word article…

That IS the TL;DR.

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lopp Great minds discuss Bitcoin.
Average minds discuss bitcoin.
Small minds discuss Bitcoiners.

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