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August 22nd, 2022

If the nodes on your network are primarily institutions, you’re Decentralized In Name Only and will be forced to bend the knee.

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lopp Hospital bill for delivering a baby + 1 week recuperation in 1956.

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@esiattorney Generally bearish on normies caring about privacy.

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@zBruh__ @the_batcoin Betamax was arguably superior technology to VHS…

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I went to a (nearly dead) mall recently and all of the escalators were cordoned off because they were out of order……P7

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@TheMoonCarl You appear to be confusing a distributed network that has no concept of its token’s exchange rate…nV

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@zBruh__ @the_batcoin I’ve used zcash since before they launched mainnet. How many zcash wallets have switched to u…

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@utxoONE In theory, but one cannot dismiss the power of defaults and user experience.

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@0xNobi Maybe, but there are plenty of other properties that arguably make Bitcoin a better choice as a long-term…9z

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If people actually cared about privacy then Monero would have a higher market value than dog tokens.

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@adamkotsko When folks say you should listen to your gut… you might be the exception.

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@internettipscom Yeah this is more of a dunk on his “you all read the algorithms?” question.

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@AnonPleb1 It ought to contain at least some fiat.

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Did you know that over 100 physical attacks have been perpetrated against Bitcoiners? You can learn more at this…bO

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