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August 8th, 2022

@clarkmoody Oh you get a hash token with every commit!

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I have good news for everyone seeking a decentralized github - it already exists!

It’s called git.

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@mehmehturtle Yes, because anyone can claim the maximalist moniker. It’s really more a debate about toxicity.

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@Paul08113166 @PeterMcCormack @TheBlueMatt Kind of but not really. It was an absurdist project that was designed to…

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@RepTomEmmer well yeah, have you ever seen a billionaire’s tax return?

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@PeterMcCormack @TheBlueMatt IDK dude, Matt built and monetized a shitcoin generator well before Ethereum was a…ka

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You can’t hedge against chaos.

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@Excellion @redmerhuizinga Matt contributed to Bitcoin for many years while he was in high school and at UNC… unpaid.

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The irony of The Merge causing a blockchain & network split.

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@brucefenton @BashCo_ IIRC a few years back I argued that securities could be considered shitcoins because they are…

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some folks make their whole twitter identity about being a toxic asshole

others make their whole identity about…LM

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@bitlgeuse It’s an observation, not an argument.

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The people who are actually building Bitcoin are generally too busy critiquing Bitcoin to perform the same level…Hm

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