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August 12th, 2022

@Tropical_Henry @bryan21896 @nvk Because Erigon has more configurable pruning options. IIRC the config I ran was de…

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ChristopherA Today my article on the need to protect private keys from courts was published by @BitcoinMagazine. This may be…1S

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@hashnomics CoinJoin is an interactive protocol that requires additional software to coordinate between many…07

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@degenonthefly Check out our guide for verifying your funds against your own node here:…

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@BrianLockhart If anyone actually believed his claims, he’d have been scooped up years ago.

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Mountain man fanatics were unaffected by this week’s shenanigans.

Mountain men are best positioned to survive…8c

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Those who use tools to defend their privacy are annoying to authoritarians.

Those who build privacy tools are a…Sr

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You live your life by the rules.
But you keep getting screwed.
Every reasonable person has a breaking point……oW

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@jespow It comes from the recipient. Looks like Gated is an app that only supports using gmail’s API to…6v

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