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August 11th, 2022

Inflation is the symptom.

Central banks are the disease.

Bitcoin is the cure.

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If you think Bitcoin uses a lot of energy now, just wait ‘til the fusion reactors start coming online.

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@ljxie Sorry to hear that. This is going to get worse as deepfake tech becomes more prevalent. I suspect the only…Gl

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Them: “you aren’t actually wealthy, you haven’t acquired anything with your imaginary money.”

Me: “I acquired…KQ

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“Much of America’s control circuitry has evolved to live outside of the formal state, thereby making it resistant…mC

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@Arthur_van_Pelt The effort required to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude greater then the effort required to create it.

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@Paul08113166 Very few stakers actually stake themselves. They give their funds to a third party to stake, thus sub…

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Folks love staking for the same reason they loved earning yield via lending.

Like lending, few folks want to…0H

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Spend $100,000,000 building a plane.

Cheap out on the microphones used to communicate with passengers & crew.

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@matthew_d_green If there is variance then I doubt it’s large enough to be detectable outside of normal block time variance.

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