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August 31st, 2022

LinaSeiche Getting through your first bear market

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@AdrianoFeria @AGKarlRacine I have no problem paying for goods and services I actually use. There’s no need for tho…

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@BTCbuddah @AGKarlRacine I don’t enjoy blowing up people on the other side of the world with whom I have no…iO

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@saylor Good to see your priorities are in order.

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@CrypticTom Statement is still flawed, as America has managed to lose many wars against groups fighting on their own soil without airpower.

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@AGKarlRacine One man’s tax fraud is another’s robbery evasion.

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CasaHODL Are you HODLing for the next generation? You need a plan.

Join @lopp and @BTCBap as we discuss legacy planning…tp

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A 30 y/o financial broker in Manerba, Italy was followed home by a former employee who tied him to a chair and…Os

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F-15s can’t occupy streets & buildings.
F-150s > F-15s

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@VillatraxBTC Read the very bottom of my page for recommendations.

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The Metal Seed Storage Review matrix is now updated with all the devices from my recent batch of testing. At this…cr

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Bitcoin -resurser på Svenska

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Bitcoin’s primary function is not “store of value” - that’s a result of its primary function.
Bitcoin is “fuck…Lw

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