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January 9th, 2014

@pig_poetry @adamrawlings That was the best email thread of the year; give yourself a pat on the back!

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@sweetlydrifting @dailytarheel I initially thought this was because now people know about the academic prowess of his student athletes.

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@flyosity All I want is a fully automated ammo plant :-|

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@TheRealRoseanne @GrabDatCash I advise non-technical people start out learning about Bitcoin with this explanation:

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@mikestable Seems like a simple way for you to delve into the world of Bitcoin ;-)

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@mikestable if you desire another outlet for your schemes…

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Earlier today…
Me: “As a financial services provider, what’s your take on Bitcoin?”
My Banker: “Bitwhat?”
Me: “Goooooooooood.”

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Overstock Pleased to announce that is live at .com!

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@johnjoseph @danderozier It is most certainly NOT a gang :-P

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RT @cdixon: An excellent essay that explains why so many Internet/CS people say “Bitcoin is the Internet of money”

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