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January 24th, 2014

@Keedistus @harto Last I checked, $20 still buys $20 worth of Bitcoin. Don’t fall victim to the unit bias.

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@JuliePee @harto How about this explanation?

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RT @harto: Need help understanding Bitcoins? This may or may not be informative: “MY DRUNK KITCHEN: BITCOIN BYTES!”

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@pmarca Well, OK, but remember: “never go full fiat.”

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@HiFiLoRau Been there, done that. /cc @bronto

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SC State House voted 100-0 to ban use of drones without a warrant. Hopefully their Senate follows suit shortly.

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@HiFiLoRau You bet; I can do lunch any day next week.

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@mikestable Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

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@FearDept @mikestable Have no fear, looks like Durham’s in the clear.

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@BenDoernberg @emilepetrone Aaaaaaaaaaand I rest my case. :-)

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@emilepetrone New cryptocurrencies come out nearly every day and are a dime a dozen. Heck, one of the (cont)

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@covati @HiFiLoRau Why hello there! We should chat.

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One downside of democratic systems is that they are extremely difficult to scale b/c they require active participation. This calls for tech.

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Gunther released a new single: “I’m not Justin Bieber, Bitch”

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lassebirk TigerDirect processes $250,000 in Bitcoin Payments in first 17 hours

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