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January 27th, 2014

eastdakota Based on DoJ’s guidelines announced today @carterkr has cleared me to say that @CloudFlare has received between 0 - 249 NSL/FISA orders.

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@pig_poetry Worse in terms of taste? IDK, I opted not to lick it off of my kitchen floor :-P There was maybe 1oz left in the bottle!

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@pig_poetry FYI, I think it’s a bad idea to fill a bottle halfway. That shit went off like an IED.

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@Gab1159 Allow me to interpret: @maxkeiser bought a shit ton of it and is pumping it in order to dump it. Simple as that. Don’t fall for it.

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@mikestable I can attest that moving large amounts of money through the existing financial system as a “normal person” sucks a bag of dicks.

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@flyosity Yeah, it has looked like this since at least August:

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@flyosity I’m pretty sure that BitInstant hasn’t been operational in several months…

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