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January 31st, 2014

A handy visualization of what donation drives look like:

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@EdFelten Sure, that’s the goal of the hearing. I guess you weren’t talking to the other panelists outside of the hearing.

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@EdFelten @NYDFS Ed, did you try to convince Mark that he is analyzing Bitcoin from an uninformed perspective?

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@BitcoinTrust @barrysilbert Sure, you could… or you can just hold bitcoins directly and not pay the fees. :-)

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risedurham Bitcoin -Rise and Durham Catering will be excepting Bitcoin in the near future! Please pass this along to Bitcoin…

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Crypto is here to stay. Mistakes will be made, but from those mistakes we will learn and improve. This is all we can reasonably hope for.

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It doesn’t matter if Bitcoin crashes and burns. It’s important that we are at least trying to build a better, fairer financial system.

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plutopete Top US lawyer is taking my case to get my back from the FBI :)

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If you are not capable of responding to emails within 72 hours of receipt, you have no business giving out an email address as contact info.

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@BTCFoundation @VentureBeat Please delete tweet. Enabling @mint’s @coinbase integration is a security issue b/c API key allows BTC withdraws

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pmarca I am hugely optimistic about the potential for big leaps forward in education, but won’t happen without innovation + free market opp’y.

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