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January 19th, 2014

My superpower is the ability to fall asleep while imbibing energy drinks.

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@DurhamDaily @pmccall777 Yeah! We’re gonna protest by destroying property that we paid for!

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@tubafrenzy @pmccall777 @durhamdotio If only they knew that they are perpetuating the state’s propaganda against anarchists.

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@pmccall777 @durhamdotio Do tell. And they are inciting violence? Breaking the non-aggression principle is not a very anarchist thing to do.

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@durhamdotio @pmccall777 I figured as much. I recommend that you learn more about anarchism if you equate rabble-rousers to anarchists.

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@durhamdotio @pmccall777 Do tell, how do you know that they are anarchists?

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ROFLMAO this is what happens when you programmatically generate sales videos from slide shows and lists of features.…

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@lukejduncan @tindie @emilepetrone @coinbase Great! Next, I challenge you to use for mining instead of Slush. ;-)

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@tindie @emilepetrone That’s pretty nifty. I hope the instructions tell the user to enable 2FA on their @coinbase account.

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tindie Our first Bitcoin Miner!…

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@mark_a_phelps @jbeardsley Man up and ask him for his number. I mean, reddit username.

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@whosthedoss I dare say that your Twitter account has been compromised…

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