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January 28th, 2014

@EFF “Congress, don’t let us down” ROFLMAO

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@moolah_ch 403 Forbidden error :-\

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@johnjoseph Yes, though I have it on good authority from the Ɖogecoin community that Shibes aren’t for everyone.

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Can’t wait until everyone wears augmented reality glasses so that you can rate people IRL and easily see who is an asshole and who is nice.

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Do meteorologists get bonuses? If so, is it based upon their performance? If so, does performance == accuracy or is it entertainment value?

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@matthew_d_green AKA the free market shall prevail.

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I’m actually rather surprised that I haven’t seen more overlap between two of my main areas of interest: and .

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Some day you’re going to apply for an important position and the background checker bot is going to find that tweet you made decades prior.

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@akpurtell Reindexing got so bad in our main repo that we wrote a cleaner job that deletes branches associated with old closed tickets.

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akpurtell You can correlate RTs from this account with JIRA reindexing downtime

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Lopp Holdings, LLC is only one week away from executing its first investment.

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I’ve had to clear my house twice in the past two weeks. Let’s not make a habit out of this, home security system. :-|

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Facebook is an open platform with few rules as to use, yet somehow everyone is using it wrong. Heck, I only use it to post photos of pugs.

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Yeah, I’m playing the State of the Union drinking game tonight, I’m just skipping the part where I waste time watching the SOTU.

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I can’t support begging the FCC to restore net neutrality. I say that we do it ourselves. The last Internet blackout seemed to make a point.

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@flyosity Naw, this is personal. And now it’s PERSONAL!

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1) Report bug in OSS
2) Dev asks me to upgrade to alpha release
3) Alpha release fails to compile
4) Dev doesn’t respond to messages
5) ಠ_ಠ

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A domain squatter solicited to sell me a domain today and I actually wanted to buy it, but couldn’t because Sedo’s checkout form errors out.

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I pose to you that it is illegal to maintain financial privacy in the United States (or nearly any country, for that matter.)

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mikko Prediction: By 2015, it will be commonplace to reward clever comments by tipping with altcoins instead of RTing, voting or Liking. @tipdoge

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Charles Lee (creator of Litecoin) just dropped some knowledge about colored coins and smart property and blew NYDFS’ minds.

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NY Dept of Financial Services hearings on digital currencies today - overwhelmingly positive and consensus that regulation should be light.

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jgarzik Ouch. Zerohedge: “…Russians are realizing that bank deposits are … risky loans to highly levered entities”…

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Charlie Schrem’s actual crime was that he wasn’t the CEO of JPM or HSBC. He wasn’t well connected enough to get away with money laundering.

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moolah_ch Tip on - meet Mootip.…

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@flyosity Heh, I broke that story in early December

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