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January 2nd, 2018

@vodkacryptonic Adversarial thinking is great. Pessimistic thinking sometimes dons a disguise of adversarial thinking.

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@asglidden I’m far more interested in hearing ideas to break the laws of the universe as we currently understand them. 😎

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I’m not interested in hearing why _____ will never work. That line of thinking is not how humanity makes forward progress.

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@AriannaSimpson I’m still trying to figure out how to withdraw from several exchanges after months!

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@AlexPickard @peterktodd Folks who have a different interpretation of what Bitcoin is and should be will never take…

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“Metcalfe’s Law as a Model for Bitcoin’s Value” - should be interesting to see how well this holds up in the coming…

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@twobitidiot “If BCH loses badly, I doubt we’ll ever see on-chain BTC scaling, Core’s stranglehold on the dev roadm…

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@AlexPickard @peterktodd It should be crystal clear from the amount of disagreement around this subject that it is…

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@AlexPickard @peterktodd Then you should realize that you’re not talking about READING the whitepaper, you’re talki…

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@AlexPickard @peterktodd Indeed, my article is very confusing for folks who want a simple answer and choose fundame…

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@AlexPickard @peterktodd Um, you should read the section entitled “Satoshi’s Understanding of Bitcoin” - I even lin…

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@peterktodd @AlexPickard Blasphemy! How dare you say that our Lord and Savior made mistakes! The Whitepaper was crafted in His vision.

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