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January 12th, 2018

High time preference: “Bitcoin is succumbing to transaction volume from a few exchanges!”
Low time preference: “…s8

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@justicemate @iang_fc If you think that your $20,000 node is more important than a poor person’s raspberry pi…4J

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@EdwardKerstein There are a variety of heuristics you could use; a simple one is just looking at the type of…kA

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@bwjnpsl @blockchain @coinbase @gemini Bitstamp, HitBTC, Kraken, LocalBitcoins, and QuadrigaCX all have segwit and batching deployed.

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@bitcoinization @blockchain @coinbase @GeminiDotCom IIRC they use uncompressed keys and don’t do batching or support segwit.

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Corpetty .@lopp This article was recommended to me as well for history of Bitcoin, and its good. Didn’t see it on your…CM

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It’s not a new revelation that a significant cause of bitcoin network congestion is from popular services such…Zu

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The raw value of UTXOs being spent seems to be unaffected by the exchange rate and held a fairly steady average…Tp

via Twitter Web Client in reply to lopp estimates (by removing likely change outputs) that ~$375 billion was transacted via BTC…NM

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