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January 20th, 2018

@CobraBitcoin There are many different types of markets. Markets can be anonymous…

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.@durtybull is on the cutting edge of brewing technology. 😎

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Bitcoin is valuable because it allows you to store & transact value without trusting third parties. Institutional…SD

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@KaptenUppenbar @lightning Looks like you need to update the Y axis title on most of the charts. For the…Bq

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@parisbitcoin1 At the moment the most stable software appears to be LND, though note that it’s still risky and…93

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@brucefenton Bitnodes is open source; you can fork it and make it crawl other forks of Bitcoin. Non-Bitcoin…Ru

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Added 2 new sections to my Bitcoin Resources at - suggestions for additions are welcome!

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BSafe_network announces Call for Proposal and rules of Blockchain Layer 2 technology competition.…XH

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KaptenUppenbar Just launched my new website with lots of charts, histograms and statistics about the brave early adopters that…hK

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Lapps will be the next new crypto ecosystem to blossom. Kinda like Dapps, except scalable.…

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@thekyleduck Not quite safe enough yet; developers are still working out the kinks.

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If you tell me to “stick to crypto” I won’t expend any effort to block or mute you, but I do promise to have a…mH

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Are you ready to apply your skills toward improving the crypto ecosystem? Start searching…Jm

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America has done alright for the past year without a functional president; now let’s see how well it does without a functional government!

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