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January 28th, 2018

@mg @poffdeluxe Did you make any progress with this? Is it available anywhere?

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@1DigitalArtist Against old, decayed zombies then sure. But first you have to survive the waves of fresh zombies!

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Flamethrowers are the WORST zombie weapon; you’re basically creating walking torches that will set everything…8o

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The “governments will take action to stifle Bitcoin” narrative will crumble as more and more politicians start…6p

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@CryptoPietje There’s no bottom to the rabbit hole; you can go as deep as you’re willing to invest time exploring.

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@cdelargy @VinnyLingham @OctSkyward RBF is just a p2p policy for nodes to decide what transactions to relay.

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Take a cue from Loaded. The current state of the network is such that it’s a good time to dig out your cold…8A

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@VinnyLingham @OctSkyward You are literally describing bcash (they removed RBF) so if that’s what you want, just…fY

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Want to catch up on the last 30 years of crypto history in 42 minutes? Watch this presentation from Berkeley:…

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@WhalePanda @mikeinspace This isn’t the first time it has been pushed back, right? Seems to me that it’s not a…mK

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