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January 13th, 2018

@CU_Griffith @PeterRizun They should indeed, which is exactly how we got to where we are today.

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@PeterRizun I think I get it; you don’t want to decide these parameters yourself. You want someone else to take res…

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@GaryBriane I’d look into server hardening guides like so:

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@PeterRizun How dare you claim that these fee paying customers aren’t real demand!

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@gubatron Of course I’m interested - I’m both a shareholder and CEO! Not sure about all that other stuff you’re say…

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DanielleThys From the crypto archives: Bitcoin: The Trust Anchor in a Sea of Blockchains via @coindesk

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@CobraBitcoin IDK, sounds dangerous. The @FCC might try to censor our full nudes.

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@kallewoof @coinbase Every engineer who works on Bitcoin (at any level) is responsible for being a good steward of…

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@RyanZim4 @2theMoonMark There are currently about 60MB of transactions in their mempool:

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Why are so many bcash miners blocking the stream with 1MB and 2MB blocks? I’m really starting to doubt your commitm…

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@pierre_rochard I’m hopeful that they will remove this annoying bottleneck and stop pricing people out of BCH by dr…

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@masonic_tweets I’ve yet to see a withdrawal from coinbase/gdax that had more than 2 outputs (one to me, one change output)

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@ADRPHD It makes 51% attacks more expensive. The ideal situation is that 51% attacks are so expensive that no one (…

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“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ― Marcus Aurelius

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coindesk What the Data Tells Us About Bitcoin in 2017

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