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September 7th, 2022

Crafting presentations is more fun when you decide your slides need AI generated illustrations.

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Bitcoin’s exchange rate volatility is not nearly as interesting as the fact that the system continues operating tirelessly in spite of it.

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VigilanteCrypto ANNOUNCEMENT:

Jameson Lopp, Casa Co-Founder and CTO, is headlining as the Keynote Speaker on the TCV Summit…7Y

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Imagine having to burn currency as an energy source.

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The new apple watch is an internet-connected device that can detect when you’re ovulating. What could go wrong?

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lopp Money is a shared belief system; if the rules of money are openly discussed and determined by anyone who cares to…hB

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@vnprc My guess is there aren’t many female cops in India?

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@lucas_lclc Perhaps; I’m of the opinion that anyone is entitled to fight against invaders regardless of their ideology.

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Nazis hung 17-year-old Lepa Radić for being a Yugoslavian Partisan during World War II. When they offered to…96

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A female cop in an Indian cybercrime unit was suspended for threatening and extorting an unspecified amount in…PQ

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It matters not which candidate you vote for.

The powers that be will ensure you stay poor.

Vote with your money; show them the door.

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4 men were sentenced to 3 years in prison for robbing a bitcoin trader of $450K in Dubai.

When he opened his…v0

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@SirGrantFleming well I suspect many of them got rekt in yield schemes that folded and now they’re left with IOUs…Jz

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@Timccopeland @ercwl you can’t lower a rainbow; rainbows float

you have to grow the rainbow’s diversity

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The crypto tourists who came to get rich quick have capitulated.

Only the scammers and true believers remain.

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@ercwl that’s quitter talk

there’s millions of more colors in the true rainbow

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@mir_btc Us resource list maintainers must stick together!

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welcome to web3 where every click is a taxable event

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