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September 11th, 2022

There’s more to wallet security than just keeping private keys safe; here are some often overlooked issues with…3G

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@statelayer Asking a straightforward question is a denunciation? That’s an interesting interpretation.

My tweet…Bc

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lopp Fire your financial advisor if they convinced you not to buy bitcoin.

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@druidian @saifedean @doctorow I can’t take Cory seriously after I saw him perpetuating the energy FUD earlier this year.

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@ethereansinfo I didn’t say “as profitable.”

Obviously industrial miners have the opportunity to leverage economie…

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@bigshiny90 @badcryptobitch Depends on what you’re looking for. My impression is Calyx may be more user friendly…RN

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How to set up a Pixel phone with the privacy enhanced Graphene operating system.…

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On September 11 1973, Chile’s democratically elected government was overthrown by fascists with the help of the…NM

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bitstein Ron Paul’s plan for a 9/11 response was for the President to issue letters of marque and reprisal and post a…F0

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@Maltacoin Why haven’t you provided what you believe is the more accurate calculation?

320,000 ETH * 0.04 = 12,…fh

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@ethereansinfo Overly simplistic lies. There are no such guarantees as there are many variables at play when mining…

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@crypto_padre @ursuscamp @antiprosynth @cryptoball313 I’m currently drafting a long-form article about the Patoshi…

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Every time citizens clamor for new safety measures, remember the tragic second order effects of 9/11.

It’s why…HN

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@LisVic13 I did start writing about Bitcoin in 2014, scroll to the bottom of

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If you approach Bitcoin as if it’s just a:
* currency
* company
* database
* democracy
* developer platform

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