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September 23rd, 2022

@raknak Heh John would leave the room fairly regularly and come back with a lot more energy…

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Going through old photos and remembering that in 2016 I spent an entire day in a hotel meeting room with John…jr

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@0xArbiter It was pretty easy to get running locally.

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@kouloumos @btctranscripts I’m already impressed that it correctly transcribed “opcode”

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@kouloumos Yes. Incredibly easy to use; I was up and running in under 5 minutes.

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@trbouma @roasbeef Indeed. The results are pretty impressive; I’m going to work a bit on trying to quantify their accuracy.

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Stress testing some AI audio transcription tech.

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@BrianLockhart I thought the tasteful nudes were only for superfollowers

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Historical research suggests inflation increases violent crime. Higher cost of goods motivates consumers towards…r6

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In order to achieve better scalability, privacy, and versatility, developers build desired functionality as new…gf

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Miners don’t waste energy securing Bitcoin.
The military industrial complex wastes energy securing the petrodollar.

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