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September 26th, 2022

“Men in general are quick to believe that which they wish to be true.”

- Julius Caesar

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RealRossU We are feeling the bite of inflation here in prison too.

Peanuts cost 90% more, and a dollar gets you two ramen packs instead of five.

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anilsaidso Those who sought refuge in the pound, are now seeking refuge in the dollar, without understanding they’re…ii

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@nvk @jmcorgan @ZLOK @saifedean As someone who uses Vanadium browser, this was quite confusing.

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Putin getting desperate for more bodies to send to the front.…

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@nvk @saifedean I dunno about this; show me some stainless steelman arguments to sway me.

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@MeiLin0909 If a country is worth defending then citizens will do so voluntarily.

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@BoBtEhNuB Because it’s the fastest way for me to produce simple utility scripts; I spent a decade writing PHP as a full-time job.

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@BitcoinBasicPod No, but I think it’s more likely that the BTC gets returned to Bitfinex than auctioned off by…Ni

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It is morally justifiable to resist slavery with deadly force.

Conscription is slavery.

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@alistairmilne @gladstein That’s one way to ensure they don’t get the satisfaction of sending you to the gulag.

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Did you know that the US Government has seized and sold over 185,000 BTC since 2014? See how much better off they…3Q

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The Internet wasn’t built in a day. Neither shall the Internet of Money.

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