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September 22nd, 2022

RT @niftynei: trying something new, 1:1 chats for new/aspiring @Core_LN devs

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DanielPFlatley NEW: US sanctions have grown so numerous and complex that Treasury has created the position of “Chief Sanctions…Ks

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lopp I stand upon the shoulders of giants and as such, invite you to stand upon mine. Use my work with or without…QS

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@DanDarkPill please like all of mine twice; i could sure use the extra engagement

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@gladstein This is fine; the Chad move is to play along until such time as they issue you a fully automatic rifle.

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yes i’m getting up and walking away from the computer in the middle of the meeting because calendar software devs…zM

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Spiral is a new Bitcoin block explorer that uses fully homomorphic encryption to guarantee the privacy of your…Dt

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@jbeardsley So they say, but I can’t figure the reasoning behind giving guns to prisoners and expecting everything to go smoothly.

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Loophole for Russian citizens: if you don’t want to die on the front lines just say that you disagree with this…u8

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@NeerajKA my node has no issues determining which is the real bitcoin

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@badcryptobitch Biased because I spent a decade writing PHP, but I still find myself writing most of my utility tools in PHP.

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What topic would you like me to write about next?

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@DanDarkPill I love it when folks put in the work to expand one of my 30 second tweets into a full length article.

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@orionwl @Puri_sm I got that too; noob mistake to create a distribution list that allows anyone to post!

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80+ crypto assets have the word “bitcoin” in their name.
14 have a market cap over $1,000,000.
3 claim to be Bitcoin.
1 is Bitcoin.

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