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September 20th, 2022

lopp decaffeinated coffee
non-alcoholic beer
central bank digital currency

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@druidian @_SnittyKitty_ @RealRichCranium I’d expect it’s unlikely they were burning more than a hundred watts or s…

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Be wary of which consensus networks you use, as many are like playing Calvinball.

Though in the case of BSV you’…Af

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@Harvey_bus If you don’t hold your own keys, it’s not your bitcoin.

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Bunch of wise guys saying they’re gonna cancel my bitcoin account by turning off the electricity but I’m…Hb

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Saw a reply from the real @cz_binance on a thread and my brain reflexively flagged it as a bot and skipped over it…

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@parkg02661164 That wasn’t your Bitcoin account - it was Celsius’ account.

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@Arthur_van_Pelt @Twitter @TwitterSupport Generally a waste of time because they can spool up accounts faster than we can report them.

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Podcasts are great way to keep up with current events in Bitcoin land. Quality podcasts provide high signal, low…ch

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You can cancel my Twitter account.
You can cancel my YouTube account.
You’ll never cancel my Bitcoin account.

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