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September 30th, 2022

… you’d have sold, spent, or lost it all by now.

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IntelTechniques Episode 280-The Future Of Extreme Privacy

This week I offer a glimpse into the major projects we are working on…cq

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@saintkamus @OpenAI Thanks; do you know if this works on Linux? Looks like I don’t have access to any machines…7i

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It turns out that when you operate schools as if they are prisons, it’s not conducive to a healthy learning…uB

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Some thoughts after tinkering with @OpenAI’s Whisper software.…

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@pete_rizzo_ Last year @cringely predicted that Bitcoin would “split 10-to-1” in 2021 and there would be 210…76

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There are many open source tools available to help Bitcoin developers save time. There’s no need to re-invent the…Sk

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Crypto assets don’t take power away from banks and governments to print money. They empower /anyone/ to print…Us

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