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September 27th, 2022

lopp Bitcoin is not:
A crypto republic
Crypto democracy
Crypto socialism
Crypto communism

Bitcoin is crypto anarchy.

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maxboonen When I was looking for a physical device to store private keys, I found this review by @lopp very useful:…

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Bitcoin is anti-bailout financial technology.

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A Russian couple was at a coffee shop in Thailand when they were surrounded by a gang of half a dozen foreign men……J8

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Conferences, meetups, and individuals have given presentations about every aspect of the multifaceted Bitcoin…Qd

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incunabula The Tripitaka Koreana - carved on 81258 woodblocks in the 13th century - is the most successful large data…v2

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If your financial advisor hasn’t recommended a small allocation of your portfolio to bitcoin by now, it’s time to…tr

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