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September 15th, 2022

Success! New airdrop (of knowledge) coming tomorrow……

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lopp We can code harder and faster than the state can regulate.

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Egge21M I was looking for a website that takes a date and time and returns Bitcoin blocks closest to that. But I couldn’t…yA

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Have you ever wanted to find which bitcoin block was closest to a given date and time without having to click…RO

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GPU hashpower doesn’t simply turn off and die, it moves on to feed from a different demand source.…

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CasaHODL Do you wish your family and friends were interested in too?

Bitcoin education is a unique process that…4u

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@CharlemagnePepe I challenge you to find any instance in which I have suggested that Ethereum should not switch to PoS

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Practically nobody outside of a nerdy niche of technical crypto folks actually cares about what consensus…QZ

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Work is entrepreneurship.
Stake is rent extraction.

Work is timeless.
Stake is ephemeral.

Work creates…7J

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Face-to-face OTC trades remain one of the riskiest things you can do as a Bitcoiner. Do not engage in trades in…uZ

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