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October 1st, 2022

Bitcoin has been discussed on Twitter since the first week of the network’s operation. The following is my…3R

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lopp Bitcoin has…
no charismatic leader
no funded foundation
no governance token
no vesting schedule
no steering…8E

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@robustus My main tesla snark is that early tesla fans would have generally been better off not buying a tesla…8m

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Going forward, most if not all of my article header images will be generated with AI.

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As someone who has experienced quite a few hurricanes, I continue to be baffled by folks who don’t make any…is

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@kanzure I have good news for your fingers; we can replace them with a GPU.…

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Incredibly impressed by @OpenAI’s Whisper transcription software.

I’ve tested its performance on 4 machines and…Uo

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The first rule of the 21 million club is that you do not talk about joining the 21 million club.

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