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July 5th, 2017

@gasull @nitroXplicit Right - “current” being the important word. I’d prefer for future users to afford self sovere…

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@CryptoEthan @anambroid @PirateOrg It was a study published by @PirateOrg - maybe you can find it through his site.

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“We found that the best predictor of a cryptocurrency’s exchange rate is the amount of developer activity around it.” - @PirateOrg

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“Cryptocurrencies gain value by taking market share from existing industries and also by creating new markets.” -…

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@_jonasschnelli_ It’s prime vacationing time and everybody’s taking a Bitcoin break?

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Do you suffer from hindsight syndrome and have developed a severe case of FOMO? Send your money to FOMO ICO so that…

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The (long term) vision for Bitcoin has not diverged. All of us want to build a system that is accessible to every citizen of the world.

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@Cyranogrosnez An unguaranteed promise of an economic incentive isn’t much of an economic incentive.

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Newest argument on the block: “If you compromise your ideals and accept our proposed protocol changes, we promise i…

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RT @WeRateBitcoiner: Meet @martindale. The Real Pied Piper. Loves to build. Now on a mission to build a smart contract powered internet. Hi…

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@zooko @deadalnix I’d rate it as more fungible than electronic fiat but less fungible than physical fiat.

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