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July 19th, 2017

When you fork off without community consensus:

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It’s not possible for Bitcoin to split, though it is possible for some people to stop using Bitcoin.

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@blkchnr Complex systems and societies aren’t built by single people; they are group efforts. If you aren’t interes…

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Parity’s flawed wallet contract is ~450 lines of code. Unfortunately, appears not to have gotten much peer review.

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RT @maraoz: Someone stole ~$32M (~153k ether) from three multisig wallets. More info and blog post coming soon.

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coinbase Update on Potential Bitcoin User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF)

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@coin_artist @AaronvanW @bobbyclee @adam3us Sure; all the more reason to take Twitter polls with a huge sack of salt.

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@AaronvanW @bobbyclee @adam3us Yeah… 1,000+ retweets and likes in a couple hours? Manipulated, methinks.

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@TenaciousBTC @alansilbert Well, BU “signaling” doesn’t actually count for anything code-wise. It doesn’t activate…

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@misterdna @BTCBanksy There are many types of AI; not all are fully self-aware strong AI.

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@alansilbert Several pools are simultaneously signaling BU and BIP91

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I dream of a future in which laymen’s financial sovereignty is protected by AI agents administering full nodes as an extension of their will

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We can code cyberspace to protect values we consider fundamental or we can code it to allow them to disappear. The choice is ours.

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