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July 7th, 2017

@muneeb The peer reviewed paper stats are significantly lower.

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@LarryBitcoin Neither of them showed up at any conferences I attended ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@TuurDemeester @Suitpossum @Snyke @KAzure Hm, @kanzure do you have a nicely indexed page with all of your transcrip…

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Academic Bitcoin papers:
2010: 1
2011: 7
2012: 22
2013: 66
2014: 214
2015: 288
2016: 328
2017: 404 (run rate)

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RIP @Suitpossum’s Bitcoin Academic Research list
Long live @Snyke’s Comprehensive Academic Bitcoin Research Archive!

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@DavidShares If you consider suppression of speech by moderators on private property to be censorship, must also co…

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@_davidpoole Come again? You don’t think that we should avoid fallacious appeals to authority?

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@DavidShares Theymos and moderators on his team suppress the speech of some people who post on /r/bitcoin. This is…

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@KwokMilas @DamelonBCWS Not sure where you got “central planner” from - anyone with the skills and inclination can be a protocol developer.

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@danheld @MrTokken Pshaw, this photo will make for an interesting story someday.

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Hmmm @MothershipCX’s logo sure bears a striking resemblance to that of @MensaInternatl /

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@gasull @RedPillTrading @nitroXplicit I’m convinced that relative “market cap” doesn’t matter if both are growing.…

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@MrTokken It legitimizes him because I’m an authority? If you’re correct then it means people are not heeding the words of my tweet.

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@bennd77 @Coinnoisseur @BitGo I’m already friends with several felons; other people’s actions don’t have some sort…

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@cryptocharles24 Advising that people think for themselves rather than make fallacious appeals to authority.

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Bitcoin doesn’t care if it’s used to violate the laws of nation states - this includes intellectual property laws.

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@Truthcoin He’s pretty nice when you’re talking with him one on one.

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After extensive field research I’m still sure it doesn’t matter if Craig’s connected to Satoshi. His words must sta…

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@gasull @RedPillTrading @nitroXplicit No, I don’t care about short term fluctuations. Long term the goal is certain…

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Bitcoin’s consensus rules exist in the minds of its users; the job of protocol developers is to discover them and describe them with code.

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@gasull @RedPillTrading @nitroXplicit Ahuh. Bitcoin has no concept of the flippening - it would continue operating without skipping a beat.

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