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July 22nd, 2017

@jimmysong Looks like Canoe fixed their signaling. Maybe they read my email. 😃

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@VentureCoinist Almost certainly not a retirement account - the Rothschilds are billionaires.

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They bought not-bitcoins at a 50% premium over the real asset? May have missed the point.

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100% of trailing 144 blocks signaling SegWit on bit 1.
Enforcement begins in 46 blocks.
To the moon!

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While I’m employed by @BitGo, those duties are superceded by my other employer: Bitcoin.

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@robustus @olivierjanss @ryanxcharles Okey dokey. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I mean, your vision could be “try to interpret Satoshi’…

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@The_crypto_kid Well the fundamental problem is that you can’t stop people from doing risky things.

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@bradmillscan That’s a great question; would require a fair amount of research to answer.

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@olivierjanss @ryanxcharles Let’s be clear: Satoshi’s vision is irrelevant. Your own vision is all that matters.

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@Ni3lsBR There have been a few hours of “downtime” in 8+ years when the network was unreliable due to chain forks.

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Bitcoin is relentless: it knows no time zones, nights, weekends, or holidays. It ignores arbitrary rules enforced a…

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RT @WeRateBitcoiner: Meet @iang_fc. A Seasoned Cryptographer. Did early work on ricardian contracts & triple entry book keeping. A very app…

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Beware those seeking to impose top-down control of Bitcoin. To resist capture by nation states, it must be built upon bottom-up consensus.

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Freedom is inversely related to the efficiency of available surveillance systems. As such, improvements to privacy grant us greater freedom.

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@tobybray I’d take whatever your normal confirmation requirements are and quadruple them.

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@benaliA94 A hard fork can happen at any time for innumerable reasons, though BIP91 enforcement can’t cause a hard fork.

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Due to potential disruption this weekend (if some miners don’t enforce BIP91) it’s recommended to require high # of confs when receiving BTC

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@CephasSerhat Anything can be changed, but the primary problem is that it activates in a week. Not enough time to m…

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@Kediri_020 BCC won’t be overloaded because it has larger blocks. But Bitcoin holders will unintentionally “lose” t…

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Bitcoin Cash is a non-starter b/c it requires adding special OP_RETURNs to every Bitcoin mainnet txn to prevent rep…

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