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July 24th, 2017

Bitcoin fees are so low recently that they fell below BitGo’s fee floor sanity check. Clearly this crisis calls for a hard fork next week!

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@Satoshi_N_ Ha, not really, thus the quotes. Could create a hard fork allowing “theft” of suspected Satoshi UTXOs (…JV

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@kyletorpey “Bitcoin needs banks to accept it in order for it to succeed.” - Some Banker

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Expect miners of any Bitcoin hard forks that lack SegWit & strong replay protection to “steal” SegWit UTXOs & pay themselves on the fork.

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@khannib @BitGo @morcosa Nah, that was the weekend before last 😬

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@francispouliot_ @BitGo @morcosa Not sure what you mean by neutral; what you care about is finding the goldilocks…QS

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This weekend @BitGo undercut the avg txn fee rate by 70% while still achieving near-avg confirmation times. Built upon @morcosa’s work!

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“Privacy is a human right; it’s a necessary condition for the exercise of free choice.” - @zooko

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*Enable receiving direct messages from anyone*
*Deluge of spam about collecting free BTC on shady sites*

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morcosa @LarryBitcoin @lopp @britesense @port8333 Transaction relay was purposefully slowed down (or more correctly the…nv

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Interesting data from @port8333 shows that while block propagation times decreased past 2 years, transaction…fD

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I stopped trying to convince people I’m not crazy long ago. All I can do is show them the path I followed. Time is the ultimate vindicator.

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