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July 13th, 2017

oleganza Bitcoin is a process of organization itself. A result of humanity trying to safely exit the feudal regime by agreeing on sovereign money.

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Ask what Bitcoin can do for you => buy BTC => ask what you can do for Bitcoin.

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Welp, at the very least they’re not dumb FUCK developers.

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@NickSzabo4 The problem is that 100% of nodes are land-based. We need more sea, air, and space nodes!

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Added a new section to my epic list of Bitcoin resources. Please recommend great Bitcoin security & OPSEC guides!…

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HODL, sign guy!
“Grandpa, how did you become a Bitcoin Baron?”
“I publicly trolled the Chair of the Federal Reserve”

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@ryanxcharles Neither. Tried it. Doesn’t work. You just end up getting attacked by “the other side” for “being hypocritical.”

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@Rassah @MyceliumCom What if I’d rather not give blanket calendar access… seems like a high privacy price to pay for a token sale button.

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@Rassah Why does latest @MyceliumCom update require access to my calendar? You offering to act as my personal assis…

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@ryanxcharles Of course - surely you don’t expect we’d run BitGo with mere SPV security?

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@yes_man_hi The problem there is with replay protection. It gets messy and complicated. A full node can only support one chain.

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@ryanxcharles You mean full nodes, full nodes, and full nodes? 😀

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The best offense is a strong defense. Defend your perspective of Bitcoin w/a full node. No need to attack those w/conflicting perspectives.

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@adam3us @jgarzik @Blockstream @morcosa I haven’t tried joining slack; unaware of conference calls.

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@emilepetrone And yet somehow the price is relatively stable…

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@jgarzik @adam3us @Blockstream Seems to me that you’ve offended Adam’s Cypherpunk ideals. Notsomuch Core vs X as En…

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@riggsfinn *shrugs* people are always free to fork off - only thing stopping them is the incentive to retain networ…

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There is no form of vote counting system you can institute that will transform Bitcoin into a democracy. At best, you can improve signaling.

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RT @WeRateBitcoiner: Meet @marttimalmi. Satoshi’s Helper. 1st dev to work with Satoshi. Sold 5050 BTC for $5.05 in 2009. Now working on de…

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