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July 15th, 2017

@nopara73 @coinbase Seems like the bottom fell out of the fee market over a week before they went down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@CharlieShrem @brianchoffman @adam3us I’d totally hit the strip with all y’all, though I’m a bit busy between now and August 1…

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Low hanging fruit for @coinbase:
* Offer users high/med/low priority fee choice when sending.
* Batch transactions together every X minutes.

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FYI no users were harmed. Coinbase charged users a 0.0006 BTC withdraw fee but paid 0.035 BTC from their own coffers

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@RussHarben @coinbase Perhaps the latter - it’s still happening

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@GhaithKayed @emilepetrone @coinbase Sure, that’s better than having your coins held by a custodian.

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@tpacchia This doesn’t affect customers; only Coinbase.

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@p4miller @MattFnSmith @hrdng They were “lost” by Coinbase in the sense that they grossly overpaid the miners for their services.

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@emilepetrone @coinbase I’d recommend buying a hardware wallet and withdrawing to it. Trezor / Ledger / KeepKey - any of them are fine.

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@Tom_Horvath Given that it’s pretty much exactly a 100X increase, I bet an engineer made a typo and added/deleted 2…

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hrdng The last 100 blocks have paid 185 BTC more in fees than the previous 100 blocks, meaning up to $370k has been lost to fees so far.

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I’ve just confirmed firsthand: the entity overpaying fees by 100X is @coinbase. You’re hemorrhaging money, folks.

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@hrdng @josusanmartin Hm I don’t follow @hrdng - good time to rectify that!

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Let’s see if we can crowdsource this investigation:

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@ziggamon @hrdng Shouldn’t be hard to track down the entity to alert them. If anyone receives a deposit with high f…

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@ColinCryptoNL From looking at various transactions that are being deposited into BitGo wallets, it looks like an honest mistake.

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This doesn’t appear to be malicious; I suspect a wallet/service has screwed up their fee calculations.

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Something weird going on; 12 hours ago an entity began sending BTC transactions paying 100X the going fee rate. Ex:…

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