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January 1st, 2020

StacieWaleyko Great list 👏 It’s too easy to confuse and sometimes even shame newbies w things like self custody or running a…N3

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RealRossU These men are serving life without parole in max security prison for nonviolent drug offenses.

They helped me…mN

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american_hodl Baby step 6: Multisig service.

Bitcoin can rise pretty fast. You may find yourself in a position where suddenly…S3

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@IamNomad @lawmaster Can you check out… and let me know what I should remove and anything I should add?

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@lawmaster Yeah, because the exchange rate dropped significantly during that period and you’re posting a chart of USD volume…

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2019 commits (excluding merges) & contributors:
Bitcoin Core: 2,128 & 168
lnd: 2,134 & 84
c-lightning: 2,167 & 59…Ny

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2019 Localbitcoins trade volume was generally flat in BTC terms, though countries experiencing high inflation saw…Oo

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The number of Bitcoin ATMs increased 56% during 2019 to 6,387.

via Twitter Web App estimates (by removing likely change outputs) that $363B was transferred via bitcoin in…P3

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There was a spike during the exchange rate run-up, but otherwise the average value transferred per bitcoin…yW

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During 2019 the Bitcoin blockchain grew from 198 GB to 256 GB and the annual growth rate dropped from 25% to 20%……v5

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The award for “most accurate 2019 Bitcoin prediction” goes to @renepickhardt…

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@nic__carter @twobitidiot “Bitcoin’s NaN% Rise This Decade Leaves the Skeptics Agast!”

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Still waiting for my Thai/Russian bride, Romano.…

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Those BSV bags must be getting awfully heavy @CalvinAyre…

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@brucefenton Mode switch for mood switch was indeed intentional 🙃

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@PaulcBitcoin @theonevortex @cryptoSqueeze As opposed to fiat. If your trades end up netting you a positive ROI…iZ

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@davidiach Generally to try to amass a following in order to extract value via some sort of scam. Many will later…CV

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Likelihood of this Bitconnect scammer following through is approximately equal to that of Craig’s bonded courier…RD

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Technical indicators are technically bullshit. @VildanaHajric @crypto…

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@theonevortex @cryptoSqueeze In my experience any good traders are just trying to get more bitcoin

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Probably more outrageous than any price prediction, as this would require a truly catastrophic event.…

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Consider yourself quoted. And it looks like @DiaryofaMadeMan is stepping up to make the same prediction for 2020!…

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Happy New Year! The first order of business will, of course, be a retrospective of 2019. But before covering what…Gl

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@WayneVaughan @magicalcrypto Magical Crypto playing the long game via toddler indoctrination.

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