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January 8th, 2020

@NeerajKA There’s a crypto twitter for everyone! You just gotta curate that echo chamber better.

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If everyone was honest
If everyone could get just along
If people minded their own business
Then we wouldn’t need…9Z

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@pierre_rochard Yes, but as an owner of GBTC shares I’m pretty sure that you don’t have any rights to ownership…xc

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@VirgilKinney9 Another option would be to find a trustworthy technical friend who’s capable of running a node +…cY

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Public Electrum servers are unreliable and may be honeypots or even malicious. If you’re using Electrum as a…XX

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@iam_preethi We can fix that with ocular implants so that you can just have a heads-up display projected directly onto your retina.

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I’m lending shares of GBTC (a synthetic asset loosely based on BTC) in return for USD interest. Supposedly I…Ci

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