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January 24th, 2020

@nflux1 @orionwl @BtcpayServer For simplicity could you just copy your newest receive address out of electrum and p…

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@nflux1 @orionwl I’d think the preferable option would be to export the master public key from your electrum wallet…

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@csahoo At this point it’s just morbid curiosity.

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Sysadmin’s log, star date 2020.1.24:

Pulled a Windows 10 mini PC out of storage that had been offline for over a y…

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@jimmysong Reminds me of Trump’s plan to “make Mexico pay for the wall” by raising import tariffs. 🤡

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@senutocryon @lyft Yeah, but in Lyft’s case it immediately closes the app after you tap “OK”

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@ck_SNARKs @lyft Most likely for google maps API access and push notifications.

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I guess this means we must part ways, @lyft. Uber doesn’t force you to use Google Play services…

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@AnitaPosch Thanks; updated the blog post and the table at

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Around 4:15 AM yesterday, three crooks smashed through the door of Messinger Meats i…

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