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January 23rd, 2020

WIRED To prevent a Fukushima-style disaster, Germany began decommissioning its nuclear reactors. A new study suggests…Bt

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@PeterMcCormack I believe that it’s more likely than not that humans will destroy themselves before eliminating…V9

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@jerrybrito Have you stress tested its claim of unbreakability?

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@jasonmsteele It will never be perfect, as an attacker could steal your identity and learn everything about you,…74

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The swattings shall continue until law enforcement requires callers to confirm their identity. It’s as simple as…Ss

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@LappZap In terms of the Kardashev scale, energy demands will continue to soar. I suspect that there will never…cP

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@MrAtulNair Wind and solar are great when they’ve available, but my understanding is that it’s infeasible to…si

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Climate change options:
* Build modern nuclear power plants that can’t melt down.
* Accelerate development of…G6

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There’s a theory that most intelligent civilizations fail to sustainably transition to a high tech, high resource…tG

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@pete_rizzo_ This is not a contrarian view because that’s not the part with which people have a problem. The…rB

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