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January 29th, 2020

@lrvick @ElkimXOC @GrapheneOS Cash App

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@matthew_d_green I think Bitcoin has “locked in” a number of properties such as money supply auditability and other…

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@ElkimXOC @GrapheneOS Yeah it’s not optimal but you have to make some trade-offs at some point.

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This is another reason why Aurora Store is better than the Google Play store - it tells you what all of the tracker…

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Inserting single points of failure into distributed systems DeFinitely degrades the security model.

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@Bitcoin The combined results from all of my stress tests are now available here:

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@c1lud Replace “btc” in your tweet with “cash” and re-read it.

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The next great Bitcoin battle will be over privacy; the cracks are already starting to show as more companies are c…

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