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January 22nd, 2020

@Obionecoinobi Research - I track node performance changes over time to see how the cost of node operation is trending.

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@itsLIRAN Around 7 hours if you force checking of all historical transaction signatures. Half that if you use the d…

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@yashar_rashedi NVME drive, pruning old states to reduce disk space.

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So if I’m reading this right, 5 mining pools with 35% of the BCH hashpower are threatening to orphan blocks from th…

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The OG-ness of a Bitcoiner ought not be measured by the coins they have, but by the coins they have lost.

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@JustDoingItBig Yeah and in the debug logs it seemed to be continuously looping through trying to connect to various peers.

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It appears that new Parity Ethereum nodes won’t do a full sync thanks to a stale bootnode list and incompatibility…

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@djhfhasfdshy @god_of_bitcoin My geth config:
NetworkId = 1
SyncMode = “full”
NoPruning = false
DatabaseCache = 26000

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@omgbtc Yes, I skip doing any “warp” syncing or “snapshot” syncing - it downloads and verifies every block.

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@stochasms If you try to sync on a machine with a spinning disk you’re gonna have a bad time. My machine is pretty high end.

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It took my benchmark machine 5 days 15 hours to full sync Geth 1.99 to block 9,330,000. It performed over 6 TB of d…

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