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December 1st, 2020

CasaHODL 🎉 Today is !

To celebrate, Casa is donating 25% of all today’s sales to @HRF’s Dev Fund……b3

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It’s borderline criminal negligence that many bitcoin custodians still expose their users to sim swapping attacks.

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I own fewer material possessions today than I did when I had a negative net worth. I found my happiness in freedom.

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@AdamLocklin @brucefenton While it’s not my domain of expertise, I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s no…HJ

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@AdamLocklin @brucefenton Who, me? I believe diversity makes any organization stronger. I can also hold the…MQ

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@NOWPayments_io I feel like we should get clarification from @pierre_rochard if donating bitcoin to developers is a pious act.

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@brucefenton Oh it’s OK, you can just write a letter explaining why the policy is ridiculous and you refuse to comply.

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I love receiving developer sponsorship updates. A common theme across them is “I didn’t think anyone cared if I…XA

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@NeerajKA @balajis That’s why we must demand detractor dicks be put on the line.

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When the Satoshi cruise ship goes down it will become the greatest boating accident of all time. Reserve your…Wo

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@nic__carter He clearly thinks identity must be bestowed by government authority.

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Being right is more satisfying than being rich. If I had a bitcoin for every time I’ve been called an idiot, I’d…E4

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