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December 8th, 2020

Twitter just promoted this tweet to me claiming that ripple’s value would exceed the total wealth of the entire…3V

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Nov 16: “Citibank Analyst Says Bitcoin Could Pass $300K by December 2021”

Dec 8: “Citi downgrades MicroStrategy…kh

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@plan_marcus If you know newcoiners who are looking for a full service experience, we’ve got you covered.

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@M_A_Barakat It could be far better; an ideal internet architecture would mean that every user is their own ISP. A true meshnet.

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Few understand that the internet’s utility is derived from its resistance against nation state attacks.

Few will…Ye

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CasaHODL Due to popular demand, we’re hosting another webinar!

Bitcoin 101. All the basics, in an…n6

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Skeptics: “The government will crush Bitcoin!”
Reality: Politicians become based and orange pilled.…

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@twobitidiot Good call, definitely gotta keep an eye on Anonymous

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You get bitcoin at the price you fucking deserve.

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