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December 24th, 2020

Real HODLers know how to have fun (acting like they are) staying poor.

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jdoliner Nothing I’ve written on the internet has come back to haunt me like my dismissive comment in the first ever…r5

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@jaketarnow @CasaHODL No, I’d go with @getumbrel or @mynodebtc for something that’s actively maintained

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BitcoinTalk total registered users:

2009: 19
2010: 3,127
2011: 48,827
2012: 76,680
2013: 207,357
2014: 406,833…oM

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Subscribers to /r/bitcoin increased 49% during 2020 to a total of 1,840,000.

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Ignoramus: “Bitcoin stopped innovating; development is stalled!”
Me: “@bitcoinoptech’s annual high level review…1B

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@NeerajKA Ugh I hate when folks say the exchange rate proves anything; the detractors will just use that to claim…Xo

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@PeterMcCormack sir what is the secret to having fun while staying poor

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270 average daily visitors viewed this year, only 10% higher than 2019.

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Cryptology ePrint Archive papers mentioning Bitcoin:
2011: 1
2012: 3
2013: 8
2014: 18
2015: 20
2016: 26
2017: 24
2018: 26
2019: 20
2020: 24

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Google Scholar articles published mentioning Bitcoin:
2009: 83
2010: 136
2011: 218
2012: 424
2013: 868
2014: 2,…90

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It’s that time of year when I have to move money through the legacy banking system and I get to marvel at how slow and clunky it still is.

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