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December 3rd, 2020

Apple is sitting on a 200 billion dollar melting ice cube of fiat and is dangerously underexposed to Bitcoin, @tim_cook.

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@vitorpamplona Exactly. The argument tends to be that general purpose computers don’t have the same level of supply chain risk.

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@edwilli @_jonasschnelli_ @promag Fair point. I think it’s weird that github requires users to set tiers rather…E2

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It looks like @_jonasschnelli_ has picked up nearly 50 sponsors which is pretty amazing. I’m calling on the cyber…m4

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CasaHODL As the trend of corporate treasuries continues to rise, there’s no longer a need for companies to trust…bU

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Hey @Twitter if I mute a moron then it’s safe to assume I don’t want to see smart folks quote tweeting and dunking on their moronic content.

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@Jankymoose Sure, if you’re comfortable with that then go for it. I just think coldcard’s generator is less onerous to set up.

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@Jankymoose I’d be comfortable with a seed generated by a trezor or coldcard, but if you do want to generate your…ic

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@fluffypony @prayankgahlot The major problem being that a lot of bitcoiners wear nerd blinders and can’t seem to…yM

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@StrikerBee That’s what I mean. They know how to do it correctly, which is great. But advising uninformed folks…nR

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@maxwedwards That’s because it’s arguably theoretically more secure. For experts at that level, have at it. It’s…1h

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There’s a group of Bitcoiners out there who know just enough to be dangerous & they are recommending managing…ZR

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You can lead your friends to the ark but you can’t make them board.…

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promag My GitHub Sponsors profile is live! You can sponsor me to support my open source work 💖…

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Zero to one is the hardest part.
Especially true for pull-ups.

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