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December 17th, 2020

@NeerajKA Stopping clogging the blockchain with test transactions, ya filthy casuals!

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Aren’t you the boomer who lost the password to the wallet in which you received free bitcoin?…

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bendavenport Bitcoin is a game of musical chairs where you can be enticed to give up your chair for increasing numbers of…UP

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… you’d have sold, spent, or lost it all by now.

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@willcole You will encounter issues signing transactions that spend higher numbers of inputs.…

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@willcole I regret to inform you that you’re gonna have a bad time.

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@jimmysong No sir, I no longer have feelings.
I am comfortably numb.

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Not your keys, not “Fuck You Money.”
Not your keys, “Fuck Me Money.”

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The Bitcoin meme stack:

Lightning Payments
Number Go Up

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@Blanksynthetics lel, we’d better throw all of the operating system developers in prison for enabling computer crime!

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I’m sure that someone somewhere is committing crimes with code I created. Does that make me a culpable criminal conspirator?

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Are you tired of winning yet? If so, too bad… we have barely begun.…

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is made of memes.
“NgU technology” is a shallow narrative.
“FU technology” speaks to the fundamentals.

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Bitcoin The 50 blocks from early miners are worth $1m+ so the number of Bitcoin millionaire addresses has…BU

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The year is 2050.
99.9% of all bitcoin has been mined.
The overwhelming majority of humans store some value in BTC……sM

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Impressive, Google!
It’s true - I laugh in Māori

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@NeerajKA People with billions of dollars don’t want to invest in networks that support anarchists.

But they will.

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@btcWhaleclub I expect it to continue as long as there is any significant volatility.

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Buttcoin twitter is not having a good week. They really need a price correction or legal enforcement action in…lD

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There is a long history, predating Bitcoin, of what must happen to folks like yourself.…

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Then I will be a financial institution, as no one’s getting my bitcoin.…

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@colopy I hear they’re a great store of value!

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@twobitidiot Many OGs came to Bitcoin for freedom, not fame and fortune.

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When you choose poorly for your corporate treasury… R E K T…

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The company that raised $4B to build EOS holds more bitcoin than the entire market cap of EOS?

That speaks volumes.…

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